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A message from our Principals on how we’re responding to COVID-19

We will be your eyes and ears in the field while maintaining responsible interpersonal separation.  
IN-Line is committed to protecting our customers and their interests.  
IN-Line is committed to continuing to provide the highest level of service.

Here’s how we’re doing it:  

In an effort to protect our employees and their families, our clients and their insureds, and all of our communities, IN-Line has put the following additional measures into practice in response to the Coronavirus public health emergency:  

ALL IN-Line employees have been mandated to work remotely including all office staff. In less than 48 hours, IN-Line has requisitioned all equipment, supplies and resources necessary to have all of its employees work from home.  
ALL IN-Line employees are instructed to refrain from physical contact with customers, insureds, contractors, etc. and maintain a minimum 6’ separation from others while traveling and on site. If a 6’ separation can not be maintained (on an airplane for instance) IN-Line employees are encouraged to wear minimum N-95 respiratory protection for the duration of potential exposure and sanitize their hands frequently.   ALL IN-Line employees are following the CDC guidelines for hygiene and sanitization at all times.  
ALL IN-Line employees have been instructed to refrain from attending venues/meetings with greater than 10 people including but not limited to restaurants, bars, social gatherings, hotel common areas, etc., and to maintain responsible interpersonal separation at all times.  
ALL IN-Line employees are mandated to report any symptoms of fever and respiratory illness immediately to their supervisors.  
We view all of our services as essential; however, we are curtailing business development travel until this crisis has subsided.

Matthew Watson, CPE • Managing Partner
Mark Lively • Principal

February 27, 2020